About Tyco

Tyler Guyton from Phoenix, Arizona, is better known as Tyco in the electronic dance music scene.

For someone younger, Tyco diversifies his musical styles and seeks to make connections between old school and new school through his edit collections. Rather it be playing on standard rider equipment of Pioneer's Nexus line to playing on Technics 1200s, Tyco can play on it all. With recent changes to his career, Tyco has two club residencies playing the newest hip hop and R&B jams, but infusing it in a way to keep his passion for electronic music alive and also keeping the full crowds in the vibe.

Tyco has now also been involved in live sound engineering for two bigger named nightclubs in Phoenix and has used this to further his knowledge in engineering and technical stage managing.

After six plus years of DJing and five plus years of producing, Tyco categorizes his music as bass, encompassing all sorts of genres including: electro, progressive, trap, dubstep and chillwave.

His years of hard work have paid off, noted by a monthly podcast called “Bass Lessons with Tyco” and the release of his contest-winning remix of “Who Let The Dogs Out” previously featured on Buygore Records.
He has had the opportunity to play alongside notable artists such as Jauz, Ookay, Alvin Risk, Kayzo, Borgore, Klaypex, Loudpvck, DJs From Mars, Lady Faith, and more. Tyco has been supported by reputable artists Just Blaze, Krewella, Borgore, Jauz and many other upcoming artists.
Tyco has made it a point to support underground producers whom he knows will make an impact on the electronic music scene in the upcoming years.
In addition to constantly striving to make the best music, Tyco was previously a music/social media manager for RageTracks.com and a culinary chef over six years of experience. Tyco has recently started two businesses while being a musician, one being a social media management business and a clothing company, both being launched early January 2018.
Goals for 2018 are to release an EP and multiple singles that are signed on known and respected labels, in additional to touring statewide with big-name acts.
When it all comes together, Tyco strives to produce music that conveys one great vibe for all people to enjoy, while aligning with today’s musical standards.
Management: N/A
For more information, upcoming shows, booking/remixing/collab inquiries, and anything else your heart desires - contact tycomusicpromos@gmail.com or visit https://smarturl.it/TycoURL
Bio written by Robyn Dexter
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